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Define "Ethnicity"

Mr White and I battled today. He doesnt understand the concept of the word "ethnicity" because, according to him, everyone living in America is of the American ethnicity. His exact words to a girl in my class were "You are not Filipino-American, you are just American. What does it mean to be Filipino-American? If you live in the United States, how can you be from the Philippines as well?" ahhhh omg talk about maximum stupidity! I argued and argued that American is not an ethnicity, it is a nationality, but NOT an ethnic origin! And people who identify themselves as Filipino-Americans are referring to their ancestral origins. But no, Mr White didn't accept that and he kept skewing my words to fit his argument. I hate that man with such a passion. I hate him and he is dumb as hell, but as Lauren put it, he would make a great attorney because he's so good at confusing people and twisting their words.
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