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A Block Period of Heaven

Oh baby! That is all I can say... OH BABY! Today was the bomb. Let me tell ya'll what we got to chop today... ASPARAGUS!!!!! It was a party. But first Tali and I chopped the most massive amount of lettuce anyone has ever seen or chopped in one place. It was like 4 or 5 heads into one bowl! Wow. Then we chopped (and peeled, how wicked is that?) the asparagus, and then we were free! We escaped the clutches of Mr. White and his Educated Eatery for the tables, but only AFTER Mr. White had done the unthinkable... he sided with Ms. O'Keefe and her bitchiness! Horrible! I was going to kill him, but I suspect he would have then had reason to fail me, and since stupid Mrs. Street has already hit and sunk my battleship GPA, I didn't need anymore help in that department. Anyway, we escaped with our lives and live cook another day!

P.S. I'm trying to write a food service song... Any help? I started with "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan, but if you have a better one, go ahead and use it!
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