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Today I finally told Mr White that I no longer want to participate in his conversations. When I said "I'm sorry, I'm finished with this conversation. I do not agree with the rest of you and have no need to continue this arguement", the rest of the class turned to me and one girl said "are you so closed minded that you can't even listen to us?" I just wanted to scream at her that she's a fucking self-centered bitch and needs to open her eyes to the world outside of perfect Davis. Instead i calmly stated that "I've been listening to [her] views all semester and I no longer have any desire to participate in such futile arguments". If i'm going to become involved in an argument I at first need a semi-intelligent opponent, not an army of ignorant dumbfucks spewing incomprehensable crap. Our dispute today was about wellfare, social security, and the level at which the government should help the poor. He believes that the poor are poor because they dont work hard. Forget those people who work 3 jobs to support their family, but still cant make enough money to pay the bills because they didnt get a college education or a high school diploma! I mean it's not as if they came from a poverty-stricken family and thus had to drop out of school to get a job and support their family, or anything like that! i mean skrew those lazy bastards! 3 jobs?! why dont they have 6?! They might as well be bums begging for food in the streets of san francisco!
The End.
It's time I filed a report against Mr White for excessive lecturing on polical views. He tries to convert us to his homophobic, ultra-conservative ways!
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