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Domestic Divas

I hereby crown Talia and Lauren DOMESTIC DIVAS! We successfully passed the "make 12 beautiful vegetable platters" test!

ingredients per plate includes:
1 large leaf of Romain Lettuce
chopped head lettuce
3 slices of tomatoes
peeled carrots
2 pickels
a slice of a red onion

They didnt look like that at all, but they were equally as uniquely beautiful!

If i do say so myself, we arranged it beautifully! I think i will drop any previous ambitions I had for myself and become a vegetable arranger for a catering company in Louisiana!! :D aren't you proud of me?! Maybe i can go on Television and become the next Martha Stuart (except without the jail time). If Lauren joins me, the show can be titled "The Domestic Divas"!
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