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The Pains of Being Veggie-less. It's a hard life.

Due to the tragic absence of Mr White from ROP food service the past couple days, we have been unable to chop vegetables. On Mondays, the kitchen is always closed for reasons that have never been revealed to me (certainly not for cleaning purposes) and on both Tuesday and Wednesday the class was run by a sub. Therefore, (taking into consideration that last week was spring break, I missed food service on the 2nd of April, and 2nd period is not included in Thursday block schedule) I have not chopped vegetable since Wednesday March 31st. That is 2 whole weeks without chopping vegetables. CAN I HANDLE IT??!! I DONT KNOW! IT'S TOO MUCH TO BEAR! in fact, i dont think we even chopped vegetables that wednesday, I think we breaded fish! or maybe that was a different day and we just washed dishes on wednesday the 31st. In any case, it has been a very long time since i've done my share of veggie chopping. I'm a deprived child! gimme a knife and some vegetables before I get desperate and start cooking some eggs!!
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