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Of Tomatoes and Tape Recorders

I'd like to begin my entry with a heartfelt apology to Talia for abandoning her in Food Service. It was NOT malicious and out of all the classes, that was the one I felt worst about missing (except maybe history) but I wanted to get sleep... Anyway, today... OH BABY OH BABY!!! We chopped TOMATOES!!! Wow, our dream hermaphrodite veggies, and we did it! It was crazy. And then after prepping the salad and reheating the soup (which I DID maliciously add an OD of pepper and garlic salt too hee hee) we were free to sit in the Eatery. While we hoped to record and expose Mr. White with Tali's recorder, he said nothing today except, and I repeat... "Apparently the French found a bomb in a subway. I guess Al Qaida aren't all bad." I will leave it at that. It needs very little explanation. Then Tali and I left for 15 minutes to "go to the bathroom." And I must confess here and now that I DIDN'T VOTE!!! I watched "The Great Gatsby" instead before my track meet from which I finally got home at 9:00 PM!!! Well, I'm exhausted so I will go. But remember, curse those lousy French!
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