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Lauren abandoned me today, but she is forgiven. After all, i have abandoned her (plus, it was totally her loss haha jk). So today, Mr White asked me to chop a bell pepper and a yellow onion for soup. As I took the bag with the onion out of the regerator, I realized that my hand was sticky feeling. EEEW the back was covered in nasty crap. I washed my hands and proceeded to chop the pepper and onion. However, the onion seemed to be have problems, so i ended up throwing away half of what i cut. gross gross gross. And then i got to grate 2 carrots...ouch on the hands!
I have been slacking off and still haven't posted the political opinions of Mr White, so today i will briefly introduce lj to the horrors of Mr White the wannabe nazi. On Monday's the kitchen is always closed, so Mr White talks about politics with the class. No more like lectures the class on bull shit. Yesterday he said that "The Democrats are trying to bring an end to Capitalism!" and from that he concluded that Nazis were liberal because, according to Mr White, liberals want socialism. I guess in his mind, fascism and socialism are the same (even though fascism is a dictatorship while the socialism is government by the people or something like that). Mr WHite's logic is skewed. ANd then of course he went off on his tangent bashing gay marriage. In his mind, gay marriage destroys the values and morals of society, therefore destroying our nation's strengh and ability to combat terrorism. Thus, in Mr WHite's fucked up mind, gay marriage causes terrorism. Where the hell does he get this crap?? oh and don't let me forget his oh-so-famous line "THE FRENCH WERE THE FIRST PEOPLE TO TRY TO KILL MY FATHER IN WWII!!" Mr White has an extreme hatred for everything and anything french due to the fact that a French soldier shot at his father in wwII. First of all, Mr Fucker, You're father was a soldier, what the hell do you expect?! Second, the french were taken over by the Germans! If he hates the French, why not hate the Germans, or the Austrians, or the Polish, etc? Mr WHite can't even say the word "French" because of this dumb grudge. ugh...well that's it for now. I will elaborate on the crazy dumbness of my teacher at some later point.
ohhhh i forgot his best line! "Around the nucleus are NEUTRONS that circle around and around". umm yeah...I'm not sure Mr Van Muyden or Ms Moriarty would quite agree with that. I want to scream every time that man opens his mouth.
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